Our Services

Our service is to deliver the highest quality products with leading price performance to our global customers. We invest in process standardization, automation, advanced manufacturing technologies and continuous improvements to enhance the quality and efficiency of our production lines.

Customer Oriented

We take customer satisfaction as the driving force for continuous improvement.


We aim to be a professional partner to our customers, our industry co-workers and internal associates.


We deliver the highest quality products with the latest technology to meet the needs of our customers.


Integrity is not only towards our customers but also our partners and our internal co-workers.


IT Bangla Solutions has been incorporated in January 2015 with a goal to provide system integration and enterprise level support service to its valued customers.

We believe that products, innovations, partnerships and services are the key factors in addressing the information technology needs to enterprise customers today. We make sure to deliver the best of those success factors to our clients to achieve and maintain our objective for partnering with our clients and business partners to build and manage their business effectively and productively, thus assuring them profitability and growth.

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