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About Company

IT Bangla Solutions has been incorporated in January 2015 with a goal to provide system integration and enterprise level support service to its valued customers.

IT Bangla Solutions concentrated mainly on Total Communication Solution (Ethernet, Wireless, Fiber Optic), CCTV/Access Control Systems, PAB/PA System, Fire Alarm, IP Telephone, Enterprise Data Center Design and specialized itself with more investment, incorporation with new services frontier to fulfill it’s mission to be a leader in the business arena.

We are proud to announce that our company has in its possession the best electronics engineers, IT engineers, and dynamic sales squad concerning educational background and experience. Having adequate expertise, IT Bangla Solutions has the capability to serve the local need with proper support & maintenance services. Our aim is to give the customer an efficient and reliable system for maximum productivity as well as lowest possible expenditure of maintenance. The company is not also looking at the customers but also taking care of the employees. It is providing Internet and Mailing facility, Transportation, and other facilities to the officers and staffs. The company is upgrading the workforce according to the demand of the society.

We believe that products, innovations, partnerships and services are the key factors in addressing the information technology needs to enterprise customers today. We make sure to deliver the best of those success factors to our clients to achieve and maintain our objective for partnering with our clients and business partners to build and manage their business effectively and productively, thus assuring them profitability and growth.